The Ocean DOES NOT Smell Like “Rotten Clams”

Posted By on October 5th, 2011

First off, I have been here for just over a month and have never gone down to the water. What is wrong with me?! So the other day, I dragged my friend Chelsea down to the bay and this is what we found. Beautiful. The water had this ocean smell that I love, though Chelsea tried to convince me it was a horrid smell of rotten clams….odd.

Our backyard. Can it get any better?

Our backyard. Can it get any better?


In the beginning of the semester my RA taught us one very important lesson, which I finally learned the purpose of last night. DON’T BE THE PERSON TO OPEN A BURNT BAG OF POPCORN AND SET OFF THE FIRE ALARM! Last night, at about 11 o’clock, I was just getting ready to change when I started to hear this loud beeping noise. What in the world could it be? Oh yeah… the fire alarm. Because we had to, everyone in Maple Hall evacuated and waited outside for the alarms to stop so that we could go back inside. It was pretty cold and windy outside, especially when I wasn’t wearing a sweater. All of this, for a bag of popcorn :-(

Is giving blood a legitimate excuse for NOT studying?

I think it should be. I mean I did save three lives today! (Or so they say) Three! Sounds so much cooler than studying. Maybe I will use the excuse that my arm is too sore to lift a textbook. Or maybe I’ll save the excuses and study… But seriously, you should donate blood if you can/have the chance. You can spare a pint of blood…and it’s pretty quick.

I’m starting to become quite convinced that my professors collaborated and decided to give exams all within a week of each other. Normally, or at least in high school, I wouldn’t be so worried about it. But when one exam is worth 25% of my FINAL grade, I started to stress out a little bit. But seriously, I really need to go study for my exams. I wonder if I can memorize 150 pages of a law related textbook for tomorrow?

PS- If you’re still reading this, and you are a student at RWU, JOIN CEN!!! Seriously, it’s a crazy fun committee that plans all of the coolest events…

(Amber and Rhea…I told you guys I would do it!)

PPS- As I am typing this blog on my Mac… I just learned that Steve Jobs died! :-(

PPS- Sorry this is short….it’s 8pm…AND I REALLY NEED TO OPEN MY BOOK AND STUDY!

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