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Community Service, Fireworks Gone Wrong, An Ambassador and A Comedian

Posted By on October 17th, 2011

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to go to the Rhode Island Food Bank for a couple of hours with about 15 other students and help them pack boxes of Nutrisystem and fill bags of apples. President Farish showed up for a little while to help us and take some pictures. How many people get to say that they did some community service with the President of their school? I thought I wasn’t going to know anyone, which would not have been fun because shockingly enough I can be quite shy sometimes, but Amber (my RA) and her friend Ruddy were there as well so I had some company. I’m not quite sure how many boxes we ended up packing, but I think it was around 60 boxes full and ready to be sent off to various food pantries throughout the state. It is nice to know that we were able to help out those in need. I’d show whoever is reading this a picture from the warehouse, but I don’t have one yet because someone is slacking off… :-) I’ll hopefully post one on a later blog.

Later on that day once we had returned to campus, I went to CEN’s Wednesday Weekly paired with MSU to get a henna tattoo. I was wicked (I’m from New England, so yes I do say wicked) excited to get one until I smudged it… twice in about 30 seconds.

So this is what my arm looked like that evening before it got darker. It was meant to be a heart with some swirls but instead the swirls now look like mush. Whoops.

So this is what my arm looked like that evening before it got darker. It was meant to be a heart with some swirls but instead the swirls now look like mush. Whoops.

Ambassador Andrew Young came to speak to the Roger Williams community that evening as a part of President Farish’s Inauguration week. (BTW- He’s officially our president now as of last Thursday…. so does that mean we didn’t technically have one before?) To be honest, it was long, but he was pretty interesting to listen to and gave us a lot of advice on how to go through our college careers.

On Friday we were supposed to have fireworks, but the weather was not ideal so they got moved to Saturday night. That didn’t go over well either, though. The rain was off and on, but I heard that the few that were lit were pretty behind Global Heritage Hall. If only I had been looking out my window then I would have been able to see them! Around the time of the fireworks I was on my way with Amber and some other girls from my unit to meet Joe Wong. We had him park in the parking lot by Bayside, only to discover a bunch of fire apparatus and an ambulance. I’m assuming that’s why the fireworks ended after only lighting a few off, but I wonder what happened? Someone told me they some misfired and hit a building, and another person told me that the barge the fireworks were in exploded. Both equally exciting stories…

Usually when someone makes me laugh it is because they did something out of the ordinary without even intending to. For some unknown reason, I have never found comedians or comedy movies funny. Maybe it’s because I always think the actors or comedians are trying too hard?? Though, on Saturday night Joe Wong changed my thoughts. His awkward personality made it so that I thought everything he said was absolutely hilarious. In addition to this, the laughs/squeaks from the people behind me were almost equally as funny as the comedian. One of my favorite jokes came when Joe Wong decided to tell us a little bit about himself. This is how he started…

“I used to be the youngest baby in the world…for a split second.”

I think it’s pretty amazing that Joe Wong and I have something in common… I used to be the youngest baby in the world for a split second, too!!!

Amber and Rhea (co-chairs of CEN’s WTF) with Joe Wong

Amber and Rhea (co-chairs of CEN’s WTF) with Joe Wong

Joe Wong

Joe Wong

To finish this blog, I have something random to tell everyone.  I have this strange new collection in my dresser…t-shirts. They are starting to take up a lot of room in my dorm, but luckily they serve multiple purposes…

  • Gym Shirt
  • Sleep Shirt
  • Shirt to wear to class when I have an 8am class (every day) and don’t care what I look like
  • Shirt to wear when I haven’t done laundry (Happens often…)
  • Shirt to wear when I want to represent RWU
  • Space filler

Come to RWU. We have free T-Shirts. And who doesn’t love free stuff?

Come to RWU. We have free T-Shirts. And who doesn’t love free stuff?

Today is the start of ICC’s spirit week ending with Homecoming and Family weekend. So I’m sure my next blog will probably be long and fun filled, so be on the lookout for that. :-) Thanks for reading!

The Ocean DOES NOT Smell Like “Rotten Clams”

Posted By on October 5th, 2011

First off, I have been here for just over a month and have never gone down to the water. What is wrong with me?! So the other day, I dragged my friend Chelsea down to the bay and this is what we found. Beautiful. The water had this ocean smell that I love, though Chelsea tried to convince me it was a horrid smell of rotten clams….odd.

Our backyard. Can it get any better?

Our backyard. Can it get any better?


In the beginning of the semester my RA taught us one very important lesson, which I finally learned the purpose of last night. DON’T BE THE PERSON TO OPEN A BURNT BAG OF POPCORN AND SET OFF THE FIRE ALARM! Last night, at about 11 o’clock, I was just getting ready to change when I started to hear this loud beeping noise. What in the world could it be? Oh yeah… the fire alarm. Because we had to, everyone in Maple Hall evacuated and waited outside for the alarms to stop so that we could go back inside. It was pretty cold and windy outside, especially when I wasn’t wearing a sweater. All of this, for a bag of popcorn :-(

Is giving blood a legitimate excuse for NOT studying?

I think it should be. I mean I did save three lives today! (Or so they say) Three! Sounds so much cooler than studying. Maybe I will use the excuse that my arm is too sore to lift a textbook. Or maybe I’ll save the excuses and study… But seriously, you should donate blood if you can/have the chance. You can spare a pint of blood…and it’s pretty quick.

I’m starting to become quite convinced that my professors collaborated and decided to give exams all within a week of each other. Normally, or at least in high school, I wouldn’t be so worried about it. But when one exam is worth 25% of my FINAL grade, I started to stress out a little bit. But seriously, I really need to go study for my exams. I wonder if I can memorize 150 pages of a law related textbook for tomorrow?

PS- If you’re still reading this, and you are a student at RWU, JOIN CEN!!! Seriously, it’s a crazy fun committee that plans all of the coolest events…

(Amber and Rhea…I told you guys I would do it!)

PPS- As I am typing this blog on my Mac… I just learned that Steve Jobs died! :-(

PPS- Sorry this is short….it’s 8pm…AND I REALLY NEED TO OPEN MY BOOK AND STUDY!

Burning Hawks, Mud, Lasers…

Posted By on September 27th, 2011

On Friday night, September 16th CEN hosted an event called the Burning Hawk. (And in case you’re wondering, NO we didn’t burn our school mascot!) All of the fall sports teams were introduced and free t-shirts were thrown out into the crowd. I never realized how vicious people could get when it comes to trying to catch t-shirts that are flying through the air at a rather rapid speed. Basically, it got intense. At one point, I stopped paying attention and got smacked in the face with a t-shirt, but then I caught one so I suppose that’s a small price to pay?

I expected a small bonfire that was going to be six, maybe seven feet high. But clearly that is not the Roger Williams way. Just look at the photo below!! This picture was taken when it was only about half as tall as it ended up. And those little blobs you see around the fire…yeah those are people.


The "Small" Bonfire

There always seems to be something going on here on the weekends. The following day my RA was playing Oozeball. It was during the day, and I wasn’t doing anything too exciting so my friend and I went to go cheer her on and take a bunch of pictures. Now I promise you I kept a “safe” distance from the mud volleyball court, but yet I still ended up with mud on me. It was flying everywhere!! This is what the courts looked like… Mushy, gushy, and oozing with mud…

Oozeball field

Oozeball field

The weekend wasn’t over yet! That night Badfish came to play outside of the Campus Recreation Center. I had never heard of them before. In fact all I knew from signs around campus was that they were a cover band for Sublime. There were a ton of people on the patio at the Rec Center, and the weather couldn’t have been any better, making the concert awesome!

Then I had a week of classes, but there’s really not much exciting to say about that. Though, I did find out that I had an exam or quiz in EVERY single class within the next two weeks. I suppose maybe I should be studying???

After my quick trip home on Saturday, September 24th to see my little brother play in his first homecoming football game, I ventured back to Roger Williams University using three different means of public transportation so that I could be back in time for some LASER BATTLE. I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but I am from a really small town in New Hampshire and public transportation just doesn’t exist! I must admit I prefer not to use buses and trains if I don’t have to because it is SO out of my element. However, I refused to miss laser battle.

For those of you who are reading this and have no idea what laser battle is (it’s okay, I didn’t either when I first heard about it…) here is a little explanation for you. It’s basically a giant game of laser tag set up as if it should be a paintball match instead. Every participant had a camouflage cap to wear, a laser gun and a headband with red lights that lit up when you were shot. CEN’s WTF (Where’s the Fun?) committee put this together for the entire student body to attend in the field house for free! So… laser battle was totally worth taking a bus, then a train and then another bus to get back to campus.

Okay, time to study… or something like that. Adios!

Wait… I actually have free time?

Posted By on September 13th, 2011

Rain Boots, Rain Boots, Rain Boots….

I seem to remember at orientation the emphasis our orientation advisors put on how important rain boots were. I have never owned a pair of rain boots in my life, and I didn’t plan on it either. Personally, I have always thought that they look ridiculous. I just wore rubber flip flips in the rain… However, needless to say, after these past few days I have a pair of rain boots in the mail and I just can’t wait for them to arrive. I am pretty sure that at one point on Thursday morning, the rain was actually coming at me sideways. I got to class with skin tight and dripping jeans, and a rain jacket that no longer kept water off of me, but instead started absorbing it. An umbrella was no use thanks to the wind that blew it inside out every time I tried to open it. It’s all part of the college experience, right?

College Life Lesson #1- BRING RAIN BOOTS!
Lesson learned. (The hard way)

Wait… I actually have free time?

Note to self: don’t believe what everyone tells you about college. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve found that I have no reason to pull all nighters, and I actually have a lot of free time. Then again, we’ve only had just over a week of classes so I probably shouldn’t get my hopes up quite yet. I’ve worked out this system that makes it so I can easily avoid the thoughts of “OMG! It’s 10pm and I still have hours of work ahead of me AND an 8am class?” or “Seriously? I have a paper due tomorrow AND I have to read 500 chapters?!” To be completely honest, I am enjoying the amount of freedom I have but sometimes I wonder if I should be doing more? But then my Latin class finally started and my mind quickly changed.

Placement testing in the spring qualified me to take any Latin course 300 level or above. In high school Latin was one of my favorite classes and everything about the language seemed to click instantly in my mind, so to be honest I wasn’t that worried about starting a 300 level course in the first semester of my freshman year. News flashhhhhhhhh!

First of all, my Latin course is full of mostly juniors and seniors, all of whom have previous experiences with a couple of classes of intermediate Latin and probably even some advanced courses as well. As for me, I had one year at a beginner level and one year at an intermediate level. I was way out of my element and was slightly intimidated. After three hours of class I walked back to my dorm thinking that my brain was turned into a bunch of mush. However, now I know exactly what to do with all of my free time. Conquer Latin 340.

Midnight goodbyes, fresh hellos, and some lady named Irene…

Posted By on September 2nd, 2011


I’m not going to lie, I was not quite willing to accept the inevitable fact that tomorrow I was going to be leaving home and moving to a state that I had only ever been to twice. This idea about not being ready to move out was reinforced today when my mother had to remind me, at 18 years of age, to put my shoes on before driving my younger brother to football practice. Remembering to put on shoes must have just escaped my otherwise preoccupied mind, right?!

Anyway, my bags were all packed (many of them at that) and all I had left to do was say my goodbyes. Goodbye to my childhood friends, goodbye to my family, and the hardest part of all, goodbye to my three adorable dogs- Twinkie, River and Slush. Today I put hundreds of miles on my mother’s car, trying to work around friend’s schedules and not missing a single goodbye (I even went out a midnight to say goodbye to one last friend). But, in the words of Vitamin C, “Keep thinking that it’s not goodbye, keep on thinking it’s time to fly”. So that’s exactly how I made myself look at things. The opportunities awaiting me around the corner were bound to be endless.


I wasn’t sad to leave home. I wasn’t excited. I really wasn’t anything. It was the strangest thing ever! The drive was long and miserable. I had packed too much to fit in my mothers car causing me to be crammed in the back seat with everything that I was pretty convinced I “needed”. (Come to find out, I didn’t need most of it!!!) However, once I finally arrived at Roger Williams University I couldn’t wait to be settled in.

Once all of my roommates arrived, we spent our time trying to make our room look like it hadn’t just been hit by a tornado (come to find out, we had another natural disaster later…). When putting four girls into one room, making everything organized is bound to take hours. And that’s exactly what it did. By the time we were all done with that we went down to the Commons. I’m pretty sure we all gained the freshman fifteen that night, the food here at Roger Williams is the BEST. Sorry Mom, it might even beat some of yours a little bit…


Welcome, Hurricane Irene to Bristol, Rhode Island. Luckily, my roommates and I got along quite well, along with every other student in my unit. None of us had much of a choice but to socialize with each other considering the situation, so hey, I suppose that’s a positive! We had no power except for a generator to power the emergency lights and we were told to stay indoors as Hurricane Irene whipped all throughout our campus- knocking trees down by the library and throwing branches all over. Did I mention we had bagged breakfasts and lunch, too?! One begins to realize how dependent we are on power to generate our sources of entertainment (television, laptops, FACEBOOK, etc.) when it no longer exists.

The aftermath of Irene was seemingly worse than the storm itself. The power didn’t come back on until Tuesday afternoon, just before the university was planning on making the call on whether or not we could all just go home and begin our semester later the following Tuesday. Instead, classes were to start on Thursday, and I couldn’t wait to finally feel like I was actually a college student.