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Wicked Weekend 2011 “Cast A Spell On Me”

Posted By on November 16th, 2011

One week later, and I am finally writing a blog about Halloween weekend at Roger Williams. This past week when I found myself with time to sit down and write, I always seemed to have some sort of writer’s block. And of course when I was busy I had a bunch of ideas of what to say rolling around in my head. But now it is Sunday afternoon a week later and I am sitting on a Peter Pan bus on my way back to Rhode Island after visiting my friend in New York for the weekend. So what better time than now to write?? To start, let’s back up about a week and a half to the Wednesday before Halloween…

On Wednesday night Niimo (another friend) and I went to CEN’s Wednesday Weekly because they were having a Halloween party :) . There they had a makeshift body with bowls hidden underneath. The object of the game was to stick your hand into the bowls and try to guess what was in them. The only one that I was able to guess correctly was the bowl with the hard boiled egg. Every other bowl thoroughly grossed me out though! At this party was also a pumpkin pie eating contest. Each contestant was given a quarter of a pumpkin pie to consume as quickly as possible. Honestly, I would never have been able to do that!! So, props to the ones who did :) .

Thursday CEN had a daytime event in Lower Commons. Amber, Rhea and I were at a table serving pumpkin whoopie pies and “mystery” punch. The mystery punch was really just lemonade and gingerale, but the student’s reactions to drinking something that was fogging (from dry ice) were classic. We ran out of whoopie pies and mystery punch, which I guess is a good thing because that means a lot of people showed up. :)

Finally Friday evening came along and it was time for the Haunted Shell Path. Unfortunately the Haunted Shell Path had to turn into the Haunted Recreation Center due to weather. My friend Chelsea and I were assigned to play dead in the graveyard at the beginning of the maze, which originally I believed would be the easiest acting job that we could have been assigned. However, it didn’t take me too long to realize that it wasn’t in fact an easy job, but rather quite difficult. For some reason, nearly every student who walked by us decided that either a) we’re dead so they should poke us or b) we’re clearly not dead so they should try and make us laugh. At one point, someone even tickled my friend. Trying to keep calm and not move for two hours proved to be nearly impossible. But nonetheless, it was an entertaining event :)

I spent Saturday studying for an exam that I had on Tuesday in my American Legal System class, so I don’t really have a whole lot to say about that other than the fact that “Facebooking” and “Tweeting” is NOT conducive to studying. Because of this, what should have taken me a few hours ended up taking me all day long. By the way, I just got that exam score back on Thursday and let’s just say I didn’t do too well. Drat! Better luck next time…

Yet Another Lesson Learned: Stay OFF social media while studying for exams!!

Saturday night however was time for some fun and laughs! Sailesh, a hypnotist, came to our campus and, well, hypnotized students. I only wish I had some pictures of the students to show! Either way, you should look him up and watch some of his videos. Sailesh was absolutely hilarious and did a great job of keeping the audience laughing throughout the entire evening.

I managed to sleep in until 11:45am on Sunday, which I’m sure for the average college student is early, but for me is extremely late. Whenever I sleep much past 10:00 I always feel very groggy and like I wasted my day away. So, that being said, Sunday I spent recuperating from my busy week and doing absolutely nothing at all. In fact, it would have been a perfect day to write this blog. Whoops.

Anyway, that’s all I have regarding Wicked Weekend. If all goes as planned I’m going write my next blog about academics, since that is why I’m here at RWU to begin with :) .

Community Service, Fireworks Gone Wrong, An Ambassador and A Comedian

Posted By on October 17th, 2011

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to go to the Rhode Island Food Bank for a couple of hours with about 15 other students and help them pack boxes of Nutrisystem and fill bags of apples. President Farish showed up for a little while to help us and take some pictures. How many people get to say that they did some community service with the President of their school? I thought I wasn’t going to know anyone, which would not have been fun because shockingly enough I can be quite shy sometimes, but Amber (my RA) and her friend Ruddy were there as well so I had some company. I’m not quite sure how many boxes we ended up packing, but I think it was around 60 boxes full and ready to be sent off to various food pantries throughout the state. It is nice to know that we were able to help out those in need. I’d show whoever is reading this a picture from the warehouse, but I don’t have one yet because someone is slacking off… :-) I’ll hopefully post one on a later blog.

Later on that day once we had returned to campus, I went to CEN’s Wednesday Weekly paired with MSU to get a henna tattoo. I was wicked (I’m from New England, so yes I do say wicked) excited to get one until I smudged it… twice in about 30 seconds.

So this is what my arm looked like that evening before it got darker. It was meant to be a heart with some swirls but instead the swirls now look like mush. Whoops.

So this is what my arm looked like that evening before it got darker. It was meant to be a heart with some swirls but instead the swirls now look like mush. Whoops.

Ambassador Andrew Young came to speak to the Roger Williams community that evening as a part of President Farish’s Inauguration week. (BTW- He’s officially our president now as of last Thursday…. so does that mean we didn’t technically have one before?) To be honest, it was long, but he was pretty interesting to listen to and gave us a lot of advice on how to go through our college careers.

On Friday we were supposed to have fireworks, but the weather was not ideal so they got moved to Saturday night. That didn’t go over well either, though. The rain was off and on, but I heard that the few that were lit were pretty behind Global Heritage Hall. If only I had been looking out my window then I would have been able to see them! Around the time of the fireworks I was on my way with Amber and some other girls from my unit to meet Joe Wong. We had him park in the parking lot by Bayside, only to discover a bunch of fire apparatus and an ambulance. I’m assuming that’s why the fireworks ended after only lighting a few off, but I wonder what happened? Someone told me they some misfired and hit a building, and another person told me that the barge the fireworks were in exploded. Both equally exciting stories…

Usually when someone makes me laugh it is because they did something out of the ordinary without even intending to. For some unknown reason, I have never found comedians or comedy movies funny. Maybe it’s because I always think the actors or comedians are trying too hard?? Though, on Saturday night Joe Wong changed my thoughts. His awkward personality made it so that I thought everything he said was absolutely hilarious. In addition to this, the laughs/squeaks from the people behind me were almost equally as funny as the comedian. One of my favorite jokes came when Joe Wong decided to tell us a little bit about himself. This is how he started…

“I used to be the youngest baby in the world…for a split second.”

I think it’s pretty amazing that Joe Wong and I have something in common… I used to be the youngest baby in the world for a split second, too!!!

Amber and Rhea (co-chairs of CEN’s WTF) with Joe Wong

Amber and Rhea (co-chairs of CEN’s WTF) with Joe Wong

Joe Wong

Joe Wong

To finish this blog, I have something random to tell everyone.  I have this strange new collection in my dresser…t-shirts. They are starting to take up a lot of room in my dorm, but luckily they serve multiple purposes…

  • Gym Shirt
  • Sleep Shirt
  • Shirt to wear to class when I have an 8am class (every day) and don’t care what I look like
  • Shirt to wear when I haven’t done laundry (Happens often…)
  • Shirt to wear when I want to represent RWU
  • Space filler

Come to RWU. We have free T-Shirts. And who doesn’t love free stuff?

Come to RWU. We have free T-Shirts. And who doesn’t love free stuff?

Today is the start of ICC’s spirit week ending with Homecoming and Family weekend. So I’m sure my next blog will probably be long and fun filled, so be on the lookout for that. :-) Thanks for reading!

The Ocean DOES NOT Smell Like “Rotten Clams”

Posted By on October 5th, 2011

First off, I have been here for just over a month and have never gone down to the water. What is wrong with me?! So the other day, I dragged my friend Chelsea down to the bay and this is what we found. Beautiful. The water had this ocean smell that I love, though Chelsea tried to convince me it was a horrid smell of rotten clams….odd.

Our backyard. Can it get any better?

Our backyard. Can it get any better?


In the beginning of the semester my RA taught us one very important lesson, which I finally learned the purpose of last night. DON’T BE THE PERSON TO OPEN A BURNT BAG OF POPCORN AND SET OFF THE FIRE ALARM! Last night, at about 11 o’clock, I was just getting ready to change when I started to hear this loud beeping noise. What in the world could it be? Oh yeah… the fire alarm. Because we had to, everyone in Maple Hall evacuated and waited outside for the alarms to stop so that we could go back inside. It was pretty cold and windy outside, especially when I wasn’t wearing a sweater. All of this, for a bag of popcorn :-(

Is giving blood a legitimate excuse for NOT studying?

I think it should be. I mean I did save three lives today! (Or so they say) Three! Sounds so much cooler than studying. Maybe I will use the excuse that my arm is too sore to lift a textbook. Or maybe I’ll save the excuses and study… But seriously, you should donate blood if you can/have the chance. You can spare a pint of blood…and it’s pretty quick.

I’m starting to become quite convinced that my professors collaborated and decided to give exams all within a week of each other. Normally, or at least in high school, I wouldn’t be so worried about it. But when one exam is worth 25% of my FINAL grade, I started to stress out a little bit. But seriously, I really need to go study for my exams. I wonder if I can memorize 150 pages of a law related textbook for tomorrow?

PS- If you’re still reading this, and you are a student at RWU, JOIN CEN!!! Seriously, it’s a crazy fun committee that plans all of the coolest events…

(Amber and Rhea…I told you guys I would do it!)

PPS- As I am typing this blog on my Mac… I just learned that Steve Jobs died! :-(

PPS- Sorry this is short….it’s 8pm…AND I REALLY NEED TO OPEN MY BOOK AND STUDY!