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Midnight goodbyes, fresh hellos, and some lady named Irene…

Posted By on September 2nd, 2011


I’m not going to lie, I was not quite willing to accept the inevitable fact that tomorrow I was going to be leaving home and moving to a state that I had only ever been to twice. This idea about not being ready to move out was reinforced today when my mother had to remind me, at 18 years of age, to put my shoes on before driving my younger brother to football practice. Remembering to put on shoes must have just escaped my otherwise preoccupied mind, right?!

Anyway, my bags were all packed (many of them at that) and all I had left to do was say my goodbyes. Goodbye to my childhood friends, goodbye to my family, and the hardest part of all, goodbye to my three adorable dogs- Twinkie, River and Slush. Today I put hundreds of miles on my mother’s car, trying to work around friend’s schedules and not missing a single goodbye (I even went out a midnight to say goodbye to one last friend). But, in the words of Vitamin C, “Keep thinking that it’s not goodbye, keep on thinking it’s time to fly”. So that’s exactly how I made myself look at things. The opportunities awaiting me around the corner were bound to be endless.


I wasn’t sad to leave home. I wasn’t excited. I really wasn’t anything. It was the strangest thing ever! The drive was long and miserable. I had packed too much to fit in my mothers car causing me to be crammed in the back seat with everything that I was pretty convinced I “needed”. (Come to find out, I didn’t need most of it!!!) However, once I finally arrived at Roger Williams University I couldn’t wait to be settled in.

Once all of my roommates arrived, we spent our time trying to make our room look like it hadn’t just been hit by a tornado (come to find out, we had another natural disaster later…). When putting four girls into one room, making everything organized is bound to take hours. And that’s exactly what it did. By the time we were all done with that we went down to the Commons. I’m pretty sure we all gained the freshman fifteen that night, the food here at Roger Williams is the BEST. Sorry Mom, it might even beat some of yours a little bit…


Welcome, Hurricane Irene to Bristol, Rhode Island. Luckily, my roommates and I got along quite well, along with every other student in my unit. None of us had much of a choice but to socialize with each other considering the situation, so hey, I suppose that’s a positive! We had no power except for a generator to power the emergency lights and we were told to stay indoors as Hurricane Irene whipped all throughout our campus- knocking trees down by the library and throwing branches all over. Did I mention we had bagged breakfasts and lunch, too?! One begins to realize how dependent we are on power to generate our sources of entertainment (television, laptops, FACEBOOK, etc.) when it no longer exists.

The aftermath of Irene was seemingly worse than the storm itself. The power didn’t come back on until Tuesday afternoon, just before the university was planning on making the call on whether or not we could all just go home and begin our semester later the following Tuesday. Instead, classes were to start on Thursday, and I couldn’t wait to finally feel like I was actually a college student.