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Zombie Status

Posted By on November 2nd, 2012

So sorry I have been neglecting the blogging world since the beginning of October. I promise I didn’t forget, in fact every time something worth writing about happened I thought to myself that I should blog about it…. so here I am! It was a rather hectic month in my world, and just when I thought I was going to turn into a walking zombie I realized that there was in fact a light at the end of the tunnel and I had a few days off. It was a minor miracle.

First, in case you were wondering–I made my decision on London. From the day I turned in my application, until two weeks later when I had my friend press send on an email because I couldn’t bring myself to do so, I am pretty sure I spent every last waking minute analyzing every little detail, making multiple pro and con lists, asking everyone’s opinions and then telling them they are wrong (my bad…) and flipping coins. I’m pretty sure Big Ben even ended up in a few of my dreams. I did receive an acceptance letter via email at 5:00 a.m. one morning, which was half of the battle. However, it took me until a week later at our first Wicked Weekend event, The Dark Knight Rises, to make up my mind. I wrote out a nicely worded email saying that I would in fact…. be staying here at RWU. I had finally figured out that what I have accomplished here meant more to me than studying abroad for entire semester. So, London just may have to wait for an intersession, summer session or vacation, but I will get there eventually.

The first couple weeks of October were filled with midterms, papers, no sleep and more. Every morning seemed like a constant battle to get out of bed, because chances are I had only slept for a couple of hours and every cup of coffee seemed more ineffective than the last. In reality, my mind was just constantly running a mile a minute and I was starting to become convinced that I could not possibly absorb anything else into that sponge in my head. The day I realized that I had finally completed every assignment and taken all of my midterms was the greatest. Like I said, I thought I was going to become a zombie, but it clearly wasn’t quite yet the apocalypse.

One of my favorite weekends of the year occurred this past month- Homecoming!! It began with Casino Night (which I never fail to do horribly at) followed by Midnight Madness (which actually lasted until midnight!), featuring Chicago’s Sky Squad. I thought the bonfire was going to be my favorite pep rally but now I think it is an even tie with this year’s Midnight Madness. (Go Dan, Go!) Then there was the always delicious Autumn Luncheon, Autumn Fest, St. Baldrick’s, sports games, etc. and apparently the kayaks were open, as well. Can you believe I still haven’t gone kayaking on the bay? It’s on my to-do list before I graduate.



And then there was the theme weekend that CEN has been planning for the entire semester. Wicked Weekend was just that… wicked. This themed weekend was unique because all of our events were homegrown instead of performers and activities being brought in from the outside. Everything began with a showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” on Tuesday, followed by “Make Your Own Zombie Shirts” during the day on Thursday, the Common’s annual themed dinner and our getaway to the Jack O’Lantern Spectacular. I may be a little bit biased by saying that the getaway was my favorite event, but it was the first event of the year that my committee and I planned so it was rewarding to see all of our hard work come together. The paths of the zoo were lined with thousands of intricately carved pumpkins, EVEN TITANIC ONES!



The creepy laughing tree

The creepy laughing tree

Wicked Weekend continued on with Roger’s Haunted Asylum which resulted in losing my voice. Isn’t it normal for someone to be held down in an operating room pretending to be murdered? Yes? No? CEN ended Wicked Weekend with WTF’s first annual Zombie Prom. 4 DJ’s, 2 stages, a photo booth, dirt cake, and more helped the week go out with a bang.

Oh, and what about that hurricane? Last year we had Hurricane Irene, and this year Hurricane Sandy. I had never experienced a hurricane before I went off to college on the coast. I’m used to snow/ice days being a common occurrence, but hurricane days? Though I was glad to finally pay catch up with sleep and work, it was definitely under unfortunate circumstances.

That’s all for now. This upcoming week CEN is going to NACA in Hartford, so I’m sure to have stories from that. Aside from NACA, I’m about to pick my schedule for next semester, which I am completely unprepared for. I refuse to admit that college is going by so quickly.

Talk to you once I play some more catch up,



Posted By on November 9th, 2011

On Friday the 21st (yes I know I am a week behind) I got to see my FAMILY! Well, my Mom and Grandparents at least. They picked me up and we went down to Newport for the day to tour the mansions and explore downtown. Let me just say, I knew they were big, but I was still surprised as to how big. Also, who would have such a big place that they only lived in for the summer to entertain? It must be nice to have that kind of money…

Which one is your favorite? I liked The Breakers the best, but the Rosecliff had the prettiest yard.



The Breakers

The Breakers

The Elms

The Elms

Marble House

Marble House

After we explored the Newport Mansions we went out to dinner at Flo’s Clam Shack. The food there was really good, which is saying something considering I don’t enjoy seafood much. Then again, I loaded my fish with tartar sauce that way I couldn’t really taste the haddock. My whole entire family loves seafood, so sometimes I wonder if I’m adopted and they just haven’t told me yet. Just kidding. My favorite part about the restaurant was the buzzer we got to inform us when our food was ready. It was a lobster!!! Sometimes the smallest things fascinate me the most. Who cares if I am an adult, that doesn’t mean I always have to act like one, right??


Flo’s Clam Shack Buzzer


Everyday I’m Hollerin’

I learned a very valuable lesson during Midnight Madness. Our sports teams are absolutely full of spirit! And two girls, no matter how hard they try, are not capable of holding back the rest of the girls at RWU from wanting to run across the gym and visit the Wrestling Team. I did in fact have some forewarning, but it’s one of those things that just can’t be understood until you experience it for yourself. Needless to say, it was hectic.

Overall, though, Midnight Madness was a lot of fun. Everyone was full of school spirit, and like at every major event there were free t-shirts. I think I have mentioned it before, but our student body goes crazy for free t-shirts. Want to hear what I think the best part of the night was??

MY GRANDFATHER CAUGHT A T-SHIRT!! I was so proud. Go Grandpa!

The next morning my mother, grandparents and I explored Bristol before going to the Homecoming Luncheon and Autumn Festival. It was during our exploration that I finally experienced Sip-N-Dip coffee. I finally understand what everyone on campus is raving about. Sip-N-Dip coffee is delicious!

Goal: Try every flavor of Sip-N-Dip coffee.

Afterward, I wasn’t very hungry, but many people told me that the Homecoming Luncheon is one of the best that we have. I’m not so sure I agree with them, but I did have some amazing pumpkin ravioli! It was extremely rich and tasted like dessert, and was so good that I kept eating more. Yummmmmm!

At the Autumn Festival I made sand art for my brother inside of a plastic dinosaur bottle. Once again, just because I’m adult doesn’t mean I always have to act like one. :)

We went shopping in the university bookstore because my grandparents wanted some RWU apparel to show off. It also ended up being a good time to give my family Christmas ideas. After all, I am a “poor college student”…

~~~~~Fast forward to Sunday brunch~~~~~

My mom had to go back home on Saturday night, so it was just my grandparents and me at Sunday brunch. All of the Bon Appétit staff looked very formal, but I had to convince my grandparents that no, they don’t always wear button down shirts, vests and bow ties. In fact, that was the first time I had ever seen them dressed up like that. Though, I suppose since it was considered the President’s Luncheon, that’s a pretty good reason to look snazzy.

Just as we were about to set down our plates, the strangest thing happened. Do you remember my burnt popcorn story? Well, this time the fire alarm was because of an omelet pan. An omelet pan set off the fire alarm causing everyone in The Commons at the time to evacuate and wait for Bristol Fire Department to come shut off the alarm. Sometimes I wonder if they receive a bonus in their paycheck for every time they have to come to RWU because of something like a burned omelet pan or burned popcorn?? I promised my grandparents that I would blog about this incident so here I am…blogging about it. :)

Burned popcorn, a burned omelet, and Hurricane Irene. What’s next?