SWOOP! The Flight of the Hawk! Ep 1

SWOOP! The Flight of the Hawk! Ep 1

Episode I: “Rodney the Undergrad.”

Disguised as mild-mannered RWU undergrad Rodney, (an International Relations Major), our hero chats it up with his RWU peers.

Kyle, “Hey Rodney, how’d you do on your midterms?”

Swoop, “Gee Kyle, I almost worked my tail-feathers off!”


Lisa, “Yeah, me too.”


They all have a good laugh. Our hero enjoys these moments of camaraderie but in the back of his mind he knows, soon, duty will call…


And when the call comes, no longer will he be Rodney, your average, everyday Class Officer, Resident Assistant, Dean’s List honoree…

When the call comes, mild-mannered Rodney will transform into…



Soaring across the skies, ┬áleading the way for all students who are, “LEARNING TO BRIDGE THE WORLD!!!”

Tune in tomorrow for the continuing saga of, “The Flight of the Hawk!”

Episode II: “Swoop Takes the Windy City!”

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