SWOOP! The Flight of the Hawk! Ep 2

SWOOP! The Flight of the Hawk! Ep 2

Episode II: Swoop Takes the Windy City!

Posing as mild-mannered RWU undergrad, Rodney, our hero readies himself for the fast approaching migration season.


It is during this time, high school juniors travel far and wide, searching for a place to call home… away from home… in about a year and a half from now… give or take a few-

But wait!

With his super-sonic, X-ray hearing, Rodney hears calls of distress…


What is it he hears?! Could it be…

Yes! Yes! It is the call of thousands of high school juniors seeking knowledge about going to college!

Boys and girls! There are College Fairs in CHICAGOOOO!!!

This is a job for…





Up in the sky!

It’s a bird!

It’s a plane!

It’s a– It’s a–


Okay, well… Actually, its a bird in a plane…

Swoop soars into Chicago…


Surveying the town know as “The Windy City.”


Winning the favor of the good citizens of ChiTown…


See more of Swoop’s Chicago friends at: http://you.rwu.edu/facebook.

For now…


Swoop is off to the National Hispanic College Fair to continue his quest of helping students who are, “LEARNING TO BRIDGE THE WORLD!”

Tune in tomorrow for the continuing saga of, “The Flight of the Hawk!”

Episode III: “All’s Fair…”

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