Tis The Season

Ah! It is finally here!… The holiday season is upon us! And I know the holidays can mean a lot of different things for all of us. For me it means enjoying holiday lighting or as they say in ‘Christmas Vacation’, “exterior illumination”. The holidays mean skating in Newport, which in my case is less like “skating” and more like sliding around on the ice while holding on to the sides in hopes I don’t fall. The holidays mean it is time to dust off my old favorite holiday movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life’, the timeless holiday classic that is always there to remind us that “Each man’s life touches so many other lives”  . But most importantly the holidays mean taking time to enjoy my family and friends.
Working in Admissions the holidays have taken on a whole new meaning on top of all of that, it means reading applications and getting ready to welcome the incoming Spring class of 2012 and beginning to read the Early Application applicants of Fall 2012. And I know for senior high school students the holidays can mean rushing to get your applications completed and in to your college of choice, which to me falls right in line with the spirit of the holidays. What better time of the year to find your next home away from home, to pick the place you will make friends who will become extensions of your family and to welcome the New Year having prepared for a new beginning and an exciting new chapter in your life!
So to everybody I say happy holidays and encourage you take in the spirit of the season, to enjoy time with your loved ones and to get ready to welcome the new year and all of the exciting opportunities it can bring!

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