DECISIONS 2012/2013

The Admission Office is busying reviewing student applications; reading essays, pouring over credentials, reading letters of recommendation while some of our faculty is reviewing portfolios for our Creative Writing, Architecture, Visual Arts, and Graphic Design Communication programs. Students who wish to be considered for our Dance program have come to RWU for their audition.  We continue to receive applications every day so if you are considering applying to RWU don’t hesitate, come for a visit, call and speak to a member of our staff, or visit our website at We offer tours at 9:00 and 12:30pm. There are a few exceptions so visit our campus tour site to register for a tour.

RWU students are presently taking their final exams while some have already begun their Christmas break. We will miss all of our students during this time especially many of our own Student Admission Assistants who will be going overseas to study this spring. They will be studying in Ireland, Spain, Australia, and Scotland etc.

So….at this time….The Admission staff wishes to extend to you and your families a wonderful holiday season. Stay safe and enjoy your time off from work and school. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013

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End of Travel Season! “Happy” Reading!!

End of Travel Season!  “Happy” Reading!!

Hello from RWU Admissions!

Last time I blogged I was busy on the road visiting your high schools and meeting with your guidance counselor!

I happy to say that our last admission representative just finished their travels this week and we are all excited to be back in the office reading our Early Action applicants.  It seems like it was just yesterday that the staff was just prepping for the road.

We have received record number of applications for our Early Action applicant pool and our goal is to start mailing out decisions by the week of December 17th 2012.  Contact us at 401-254-3500 or if you have any questions about your Early Action application.

Early Action deadlines have passed, but don’t worry you can still apply as a Regular Decision applicant.  Make sure you submit your application by February 1st 2012.  Apply

Beginning December 3rd through March 15th we are changing our campus tour times for Monday-Friday.  We will be offering tours at 9:00am and 12:30pm.  There are a few exceptions so please visit our campus tour site to register for a tour.

Enjoy your holiday season!


Eric Schmigle

Roger Williams University Office of Admission

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Fall Updates

It was an exciting past 6 weeks for the RWU Admission team as we were busy traveling to different high schools and college fairs to meet prospective students! Now all of the members of our team are back in the office, we are excited to be busy reading the Early Action 1 applications and helping you –the prospective student- through the application process. Remember to call us with any questions you might have along the way, you can reach our office by calling 401-254-3500.

If you still want to apply Early Action and haven’t gotten your application in yet DON’T WORRY! We have an Early Action 2 deadline that has been moved back to November 19th due to Hurricane Sandy.

If you’ve already been to campus and are looking for more ways to connect with RWU, make sure to check out our Facebook page and follow us on twitter (@myrwu or @RWU_Travis)!

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International Admission Update

International Admission Update

Travel season was certainly a whirlwind this year. In just 39 days, I had the opportunity to meet with fantastic students, families and schools in 15 different cities and 11 different countries. While travel was fantastic and I feel unbelievably fortunate to have been able to have met so many wonderful people and see so many beautiful places, it is great to be back home in Rhode Island, and to return to the beautiful Roger Williams University campus to begin to work with the students and families I met with across the globe as they begin their application process and take the first steps towards becoming an RWU Hawk!

My travels took me to the northern, southern, eastern and western hemispheres and during my trip to Ecuador my travels took me to both the Northern and Southern hemispheres at the same time as I had the opportunity to stand on the equator and even to test the power of the earth’s rotation with a few science experiments. In Singapore, I was able to experience reverse bungee jumping in Clark Quay, a ride I agreed to go on before learning that it not only shot up but also spun on the way back down, and in Malaysia I was able to experience the Batu Caves where we were able to take in the beautiful scenery, while getting so close to wild monkeys that we were warned to tuck in any loose personal items as monkey muggings were a real concern.

But more than the amazing places I am able to visit, what truly stands out from my travels every fall and spring are the people I meet. The most memorable things to me are always the experiences I am able to have with people who are warm enough to go out of their way to share their cultures with me. Unforgettable to me is the English teacher in Shanghai, China who took me to the Bund and helped me experience a little bit of the Mid-Autumn festival, and the family of one of our current students in Panama who opened up their home to me for a truly lovely dinner, complete with some of the best ceviche I have ever had, or the Japanese ambassador interested in our programs who shared a traditional Japanese meal with me.

Hong Kong Harbor view from the Victoria Shanghai Academy

Hong Kong Harbor view from the Victoria Shanghai Academy

Beijing, China, in front of the Birds Nest from the 2008 Olympic Games

Beijing, China. In front of the Birds Nest from the 2008 Olympic Games

Each of the over 50 schools I visited and the hundreds of students and families I met were distinctive, as each had their own reason for wanting to make Roger Williams University their home, whether it was one of our 43 academic majors that they had previously researched, our beautiful oceanfront campus they had seen or visited, or one of our many clubs, organizations and athletic teams from equestrian and tennis to sailing and soccer. So I want to take the time to say thank you to everybody that helped to make my trip what it was! But the most rewarding part of travel season is still yet to come and that is when I am able to see the students and families I have met on the road again, only this time right here at RWU!

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Hello from Roger Williams University Office of Undergraduate Admissions!!

It’s hard to believe that we are already half-way through our travel season.  I have had the pleasure of visiting schools in the North and South Shore area of Massachusetts as well as the Boston and Cape area this travel season.  Check out “RWU on The Road” to see if an admissions representative will be visiting your school in the near future.

Just a few weeks ago we had our first Fall Open House!  If you were unable to attend our September Open House don’t sweat it because we have one coming up on Sunday, October 28th from 9:00am-1:00pm.  During our Open House you will have an opportunity to meet with our dedicated faculty, admissions and financial aid counselors, coaches from our 20 varsity sports, clubs and organizations, current students, and even tour our beautiful Bristol campus. 

Next weekend is our Homecoming and Family Weekend!  This takes place every October and is always well attended by our current students, parents and alums.  The weekend includes Athletic Events, Alumni Events, Casino Night, Midnight Madness, Homecoming King and Queen Coronation, Homecoming Luncheon, Family Information Sessions, Saturday Night Comedy Show, Autumn Festival and much more. 

I am looking forward to Homecoming because we are going to have our first Athletics Hall of Fame induction ceremony.  The first class of the Hall of Fame will include Ed Randolph ‘82 (Men’s Basketball), Sharon Castelli ‘86 (Women’s Volleyball, Women’s Basketball, Softball), Matt Walby ‘94 (Equestrian), Stuart Hulke ‘00 (Men’s Soccer), the 1999 Men’s Soccer team, Ray Cordeiro (Baseball) and Dave Kemmy (Wrestling).  Go Hawks

Lastly, feel free to contact our Undergraduate Admissions office at 800-458-7144 or email us at if you have any questions, concerns or would like to schedule a time to visit our campus!

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This week begins our official welcome week to RWU. We are presently hosting an Orientation program for new international/transfer/freshman/graduate students and their families this week. However, many of our new students joined us during our June Orientation programs and we look forward to meeting all of you again during move in and convocation on Saturday, August 25th Our upperclassmen will be moving back on Monday, August 27th.  We look forward to seeing everyone; we have missed you and look forward to hearing all about your great summer vacations!!!

Throughout the summer many offices on campus have been planning various programs for our incoming and returning students. Our entire freshman class will be participating in our fantastic and exciting 5th annual Community Connections program !!!!

Community Connections 2012

On August 27, 2012, approximately 1,200 members of the RWU community – including incoming students, current students, staff, and faculty – will represent the University in the local community during our 5th annual Community Connections program.  Approximately 75 community-based, non-profit organizations will benefit from the energy and talent of RWU students, faculty and staff.  Organizations may include nursing homes, park and recreation departments, schools, churches, and historic sites.

The Admission staff wishes everyone a wonderful and successful school year.  Please stop in the Admission office to say hi and if we can assist you in anyway don’t hesitate to ask…….

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