Shwayze, Stats, and School goes on…

So, I just want to start off by saying the Shwayze concert was amazing. We were right in front of the stage (as you can see in the pictures) and one of my friends poked him in the leg, and high-fived Cisco Adler. While there, I ran into a ton of other kids from Roger Williams. Unfortunately, they all needed to leave a little before the concert ended since the last bus was leaving from Providence. (We had luckily driven there.)

After worrying for a week about my Stats test, I ended up getting an 87, which my professor scaled to an “A”. All I have to say is that studying pays off I guess. Before the test, the math tutor for the class organized a study session where we did example problems and answered each other’s questions, which was really helpful.

Alan Weisman came to talk about the common reading book and ended up speaking for over two hours. I probably would have enjoyed it more if I didn’t have to write a speech for my Intro to Comm class and if I wasn’t so tired. After it got to be over an hour…people began to leave, which made me feel bad. How difficult must it be, as an author, to be speaking to a group of people who, largely, did not read your book or do not care about the topic?

So the theme of Wicked Weekend (the weekend of Halloween), is Are You Afraid of the Dark?, like that great 90s TV show that would scare all of us. I wrote the script for kind of modified haunted house that we are doing. It’s cool, because I get to see all my ideas come to life over the next few weeks when we go to buy decorations and costumes.

My History and the Modern World midterm is this next week, but I am not too worried because the professor is letting the class use their notes. I need to start working on my next speech, just as soon as I pick a topic. I can’t believe the semester is almost half over. A girl in my Comparative Politics class is strongly pushing for a take-home mid-term and the professor is slowly cracking. So hopefully, it’ll be take-home and just make my life a little easier.

I am home for the long weekend, but it does not decrease the amount of reading I have to do unfortunately. One of my friends is leaving Tuesday for the Marines, so it’s going to be strange not having him visit or seeing him for a long time. I think he is coming back briefly in January and then is leaving again, so that’s a little sad.

I hope you enjoy these pictures from the Shwayze concert and around campus.




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