Fall-ing into Mid-Terms

So, one of the great things about Spirit Week at Roger Williams is all the free stuff. Yesterday, CEN set up a free Build-a-Bear station, with lions, tigers, bears, and monkeys (oh my!). Luckily I got there early and was able to make one before they, very quickly, ran out. The Inter-Class-Council was also handing out t-shirts among other things. They even dressed the statue of Roger Williams in blue and gold in celebration of Spirit Week. Last night, I went to the Stage Company’s One Act Festival, which was pretty good, then went to Casino Night and Midnight Madness. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so no pictures of those events this time. I can tell you that they were all a blast. The theme of Midnight Madness was “Let the Wild Rumpus Start”, which was a lot of fun. People dressed up in outrageous costumes to show their support for RWU Athletics.

Sadly, I can’t have fun everyday- it’s mid-term time. This past week I had my American Government and History & the Modern World exams. Next week I have Stats and Comparative Politics (he decided against take home.) I also need to start doing research for a group discussion in Intro to Speech and finish a Comparative Politics paper I have been putting off for so long I’m a little disappointed.

This weekend is Homecoming and Family Weekend. My parents decided not to visit me. But, it’s not really a big deal, since I’m not far from home. I can visit them or they can come down to Bristol really anytime.

Halloween is coming up, which means Wicked Weekend at Roger Williams. I’m most looking forward to the Haunted Seashell Path, probably because I wrote the storyline for it, but it should be a good time. Then I’m going to a Halloween party with some work friends (costume ideas, anyone?). Then Sunday, I’ll have another Open House to work. Hopefully, I’m not standing outside again, or at least not in the rain, like last time.

Things in Admissions are picking up, as more and more applications come in daily. I have the exciting task of alphabetizing or labeling them.  It’s hard to believe that I was going through the same thing as all these students only a year ago.

Well, I probably should be working on a study guide, or a paper, or research, instead of writing this blog. But, that’s college.

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  • Justin Says:

    Do you know what time the Open House starts tomorrow, Nov.1? I’m registered but never rec’d a confirmation. Thanks for your help

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