November at RWU

Hey everyone,

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve written, but things have been getting crazy as the semester is winding down. I can’t believe I’m already picking class for Spring Semester. I’ll be taking two education classes and getting a few more Cores out of the way.

Having just got some of my Mid-Terms back, it’s already time to start thinking about finals. Academics have essentially taken over at this point.

I still have time to have fun though. I had the pleasure of going to one of the Civil Discourse Lectures where Celine Cousteau (granddaughter of Jacques Cousteau) spoke about her humanitarian work, travels, and experiences with the world around her. It made me want to go abroad, and I may be this summer. The History Department is hosting a two-week trip to London and Paris at the start of summer vacation. The program is difficult to resist, so hopefully I’ll be able to go.

The weather was a little better at the most recent Open House and I was actually sort of inside for most of it. It was so great talking to students who are as excited as I was during the application process. On that note, applications have been coming in by box load everyday. Maybe I’ve been coding or filing yours? Good luck to everyone applying.

Apparently, my blog is very popular among the Admissions Staff. They always talk about it. When ever I’m on my computer at work, they’ll ask me if I’m blogging. Usually I’m doing homework or checking Facebook (some things never change.)

Soon it’ll be Thanksgiving and I’ll be seeing all my old friends from high school, something I’m looking forward to. I’m also trying to get as much done before then so I can just relax all weekend and not worry about my looming finals, papers, or projects.

Until next time,


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