Oct 5 2009

Roger, you and I get along so well…

It seems that as the weather gets colder, my workload gets heavier. This past week, I’ve had a Stats test (one of only four grades for the class) and have just gotten more and more reading. So it’s looking like it’s going to be fun weekend. However, my parents said they might come up and visit, which will brighten my day. (Especially if my mom does my laundry, like at home.)

It rained at the Open House and I had to stand outside greeting families as they came in to check-in. By then end of the day I couldn’t wait to go back to my room and just go to sleep. Hopefully the weather for the next one will be able to highlight how nice this campus truly is. It was nice seeing all the families and how excited they were to be there despite the inclement weather.

Next week, I’m going to see Shwayze in Providence at Lupo’s with a bunch of friends from back home, and it turns out that a lot of people from RWU are going, which is a nice surprise. Wednesday, Alan Weisman, the author of our common reading book, The World Without Us is coming to speak. I have to read two chapters and do a presentation on them for my First Year Experience class, but a bunch of my friends have to write papers on the book, so I guess I got pretty lucky.

The night before my American Government exam, I stayed up really late studying and then ended up waking up ten minutes before the class, still wearing the clothes I had on the day before. So, I ran to to class without showering or changing and managed to still do pretty well on it.

I’ve also joined the Campus Entertainment Network, which plans all of the awesome events on campus, like Spring Weekend (in the past, O.A.R., Ludacris, Dane Cook, and others have come and performed.) Right now, we are working on planning Wicked Weekend, which is the weekend of Halloween. I’ll be posting more details about that as they come about.

I’ll be posting pictures soon of stuff on campus and of the concert. But I’ve got to go and write a paper. College would be more fun if all that homework didn’t in the way. Until next time.

Sep 24 2009

A Month Already?

It’s hard to believe that a month has already gone by here. It seemed like just yesterday, my parents were helping me more countless boxes into my dorm. The move-in went very smoothly thanks to the assistance of upperclassmen who were on hard to assist the overwhelmed freshmen and their families.

Luckily, I knew my roommate before coming to RWU, since we both went to the same high school in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. (Which is only about thirty to forty minutes away from Bristol- so going home is pretty easy- although with so much going on here, it’s sometimes hard to tear myself away even for a day or two.) Cedar, which is an all freshmen dorm, and where I live is great- despite the heat. Even though it’s only sixty degrees outside, our room manages to stay around 80, even with our many fans constantly blowing. Everyone always leaves their doors open, so it’s really easy to get to know people. On the way to class or the dining hall, I usually always see a familiar face, even if I can’t exactly remember their name.

My roommate and I get along so well. We decided to bunk our beds and put our desks together to save room and now there is so much extra space in our dorm we are considering getting a futon. We actually asked our RA if we could take a couch from the common room, but she said it would be frowned upon. Despite this being a facial expression and not an actual policy, we obliged.

There have been so many great events the past few weeks, including a bonfire, the annual 80s dance, and many, many others. My classes keep me pretty busy, but I love them. Maybe with the exception of Stats, but I never really liked math. The workload is so different compared to high school- different, but manageable.

My work study job is even pretty interesting. I work in the Admissions House as a Student Admissions Assistant: answering phones, book tours, general office work. But, there are so many great people there, I feel right at home even stuffing envelopes. I have to work the Open House we’ve got coming up this Sunday. I can’t believe that it was a year ago that I came to an Open House at Roger Williams. And I wonder, how many of there high school seniors will follow what I did and end up coming here?

I went home last weekend and met up with some friends from high school and we went to see an amazing production of Much Ado About Nothing at the Gamm Theatre where we used to work and then went to the East Side of Providence for some pizza at Antonio’s and to visit some other friends at Brown.

Well, I’ve really got to get some homework done, but in the mean time, enjoy some pictures of my room and expect more in the near future.