The Beginning

My last final is finished. My last bag is packed. The walls in my room have reverted to their original white, bare selves. My life as a freshman is officially over. My life as a sophomore, however, is about to begin.

I’ll be at school until the 22nd, because I am working Commencement, so I can savor my last few days in Cedar. It’s weird to think that just last year, I graduated high school. It seems like I’ve grown a lot over this past year and can’t wait to start school in the fall.

This summer, I’ll be heading to London and Paris for 11 days as part of two summer classes called Cultures in Context and Social Life in Global Cities. I’ll be getting 6 credits (3 history, 3 sociology). After I get back, the class is held online for two more weeks, and I have to post my photos, journal entries, and participate in a discussion thread.

When I get back from Europe, I’ll be on campus, working in Admissions and giving tours throughout June. In July, I’ll be taking a break from that and working at a summer camp back home, directing a modern hipster/indie rocker version of Shakespeare’s As You Like It. It’ll be middle schoolers doing Shakespeare wearing plaid and skinny jeans punctuated by the music of MGMT, Vampire Weekend, and Matt & Kim.

In August, I’ll be back in Admissions, working and giving tours. Then, late in the month, I’ll be moving into Stonewall Terrace and starting my sophomore year officially.

It’s sad that freshman year is over- which means this blog is over. However, this is not my last post. You can read all about what’s going on in my life starting in the fall, when I start writing My Life As a Sophomore- Sophomore Stories. I look forward to writing again and I’ll have so many, many things to share when I get back.

Have a great summer and see you in the fall,


The Former Freshman Blogger.

P.S. I want to give a couple of shout outs:

-The Admissions staff, who read my blog religiously

-My friend Kristen’s mom, who wanted my autograph

-If I forgot you, I’m sorry…but I’ll give you a shout out in September.

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