Inner Beauty

With Thanksgiving looming and my return home iminent, I’ve stopped doing laundry (a gift for my mom) and am putting aside all work like it doesn’t exist until after I’ve had too much turkey.

Yesterday, the ninth annual Mr. RWU Spectacular took place. The Mr. RWU Spectacular is a non-traditional male beauty pageant that raises money for the Childrens Miracle Network in affiliation with the Hasbro Childrens Hospital in Providence Rhode Island. 10 contestants modeled athletic and formal wear and had a variety of talent (from a Lady Gaga dance medley to a chicken wing eating contest.) The pageant was a ton of fun, and the guys raked in a ton of cash for a good cause.

The winner, Chris, with his entourage.

The winner, Chris, with his entourage.

On Friday, CEN and the PRSSA teamed up to host RWU’s first (hopefully annual) lip syncing contest, Fake It to Make It. From the Spice Girls, to Teach Me How to Dougie, and even a wonderful rendition of Johnny Cash, the event was a blast.

I’ve developed a bad habit of not bringing my camera to events, so I just steal other people’s off Facebook. Sorry if you’ve become a victim of my photo grabbing.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! I’m trading in my laptop for stove top. And until at least Sunday, the only thing I’m dishing is seconds.


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