Study Break

Ciao everyone!

I love that whenever I don’t feel like doing actual work, I can still blog and feel like I’ve accomplished something productive.

Hoping you’re enjoying Bristol as much as I’m enjoying Florence.

All my favorite Florence peeps at the Trevi Fountain!

All my favorite Florence peeps at the Trevi Fountain!

As you know, I was in Rome last weekend for a field trip. We saw all the typical ancient sites- like the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and the Roman Forum. However, we also saw history in the making with the Occupy Rome protests on Saturday. Luckily, they were relatively peaceful while we observed the protests and were able to get on our train back to Florence before things got out of hand.

Me hanging out at the riot.

Me hanging out at the riot.

The fun of the Roman weekened was shortlived, since mid-terms are now in full swing. So far, I’ve solved the euro crisis, memorized eveything there is to know about the Sistine Ceiling, and successfully identified different archaeological strata. Now all I have left is Ancient Rome (which the field trip provided an excellent review for) and my Italian exam.

Luckily, all of my professors have been more than willing to have multiple review sessions for their classs. And, since the program is relatively small, most of us usually continue the study session at one of our apartments after the official review ends.

Once exams are over Thursday, I plan on scouring my apartment. I’m starting to believe someone comes in while we’re sleeping and covers everything in dust. Whoever or whatever you are, please stop. Then on Saturday, I’m taking a train to Naples and hiking for a few days before setting sail for Sicily, where I will be until Wednesday. I plan on spending the rest of fall break just relaxing in Florence, which should be a bit more decongested without the majority of the American student population.

Last night, the Registrar posted course schedules for Spring 2012, so I naturally chose all my classes and made an Excel spreadsheet of my schedule. I am probably the coolest person you know, right?

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