Apr 19 2010

A Tale of Courses, Colds, and Cakes

Hey all,

The semester may be winding down, but the amount of work is going up. Right now I’m working on:

  • A presentation for Aesthetics, tracing the purpose of art through the ages.
  • A presentation for Core Science on nuclear energy
  • Two education papers and one Expository Writing paper
  • A presentation for Foundations of Education

(All of which are due at the end of this week. Help.)

This past week, I picked my classes for Fall 2010 (Sophomore year?!).

  • Western Civ. I
  • U.S. History I
  • Dimensions of History & Lab
  • Critical Writing for the Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Literature, Philosophy, & the Ascent of Ideas
  • Issues in Health Education

Sadly, I couldn’t swing having Wednesdays and Fridays off again next semester, but it’ll be nice not to be so busy when I spread out my classes throughout the week.

My mom went a little crazy when she packed my bag after Easter break.

My mom went a little crazy when she packed my bag after Easter break.

When I woke up Sunday, I  had developed a horrible cold, which I am just getting over. But, I grinned and bore it through the last ASD of the year. It hit me then that all the seniors would be gone next year, which made me really sad. After the ASD, I went to the Spring Acapella concert in the Field House with my friend Claire. There, we saw our incredible acapella group- Special Delivery and three other groups, who were visiting from Providence College- Special Guest, Strictly Speaking, and Anaclastic. All the groups were amazing. They sang a wide range of songs, from a Lady Gaga mix and Fireflies to Hey Jude.

Me and Adam "working" at ASD

Me and Adam "working" at ASD

Luckily, my cold had gone away (for the most part) in time for the Cake-Off that happened Saturday. It was an amazing success: the first all club and organization event RWU has ever had and it was put together by the Freshman Class, led by our class president, Adam Semple. The event, which was a fundraiser for Dana Farber and the Jimmy Fund, drew a large crowd of students and people in the community. Contestants (both students and faculty participated) were given 30 minutes and two half-sheets of cake, in addition to lots of frosting, candy, and other goodies to create their works of cake-art. The cakes were phenomenal- there was a Global Heritage Hall (our new academic building) shaped cake, a pirate ship, and octopus, and a whole host of others. It was really great to see the entire campus and community united under one cause. (RWU even made the local news)

I did a little self-promoting at the Cake-Off

I did a little self-promoting at the Cake-Off

Me with Sarah and Swoop, RWU's mascot at the Cake-Off

Me with Sarah and Swoop, RWU's mascot at the Cake-Off

The Admissions Super Friends hard at work at the Cake-Off. (Julia Child, Martha Stewart, the Swedish Chef from the Muppets, and Rachel Ray) Naturally, they won Best Dressed.

The Admissions Super Friends hard at work at the Cake-Off. (Julia Child, Martha Stewart, the Swedish Chef from the Muppets, and Rachel Ray) Naturally, they won Best Dressed.

Following the Cake-Off, I hopped on the RIPTA and went up to Brown, to see their Shakespeare on the Green production of Hamlet, with my friend Michelle from back home. It started outside and two of the actors led us through the streets of Providence in search of Hamlet’s father’s ghost, finally arriving at RISD’s Fleet Library, after running through the streets, down hills and stairs with the audience. The production was pretty spectacular, especially in the Fleet, which looks so grand and palatial¬†inside, I had no trouble imagining I was in the Danish Court.

This week, Admissions is hosting a Spring Open House on Wednesday. You can sign-up online and it’s a great opportunity to meet faculty, students, take a tour, and really get a feel for RWU. That and homework will surely keep me busy. A really great place to study is in Global Heritage Hall (GHH). It’s open all night, and you can hook up your iPod or computer so you can listen to music through any given room’s speakers. Plus, the Starbucks on the ground floor leaves free food out for students who are in the building after dark.

Love and rockets,


Apr 7 2010

Spring Fever

Today, the temperature reached the mid-80s on campus. The weather has been AMAZING the past few days- So much so, that I have not felt like doing any work. I seem to be suffering severely from a case of Spring Fever, but I’m not really complaining. Instead, I’ve thrown care to the wind and decided to work on my tan, instead of some papers. Unfortunately, the fun can’t last forever and I should trade my beach ball for some textbooks.

Some things that are going on in my life:

We’ve got one last Accepted Students Day this Sunday- I’ll keep an eye out for you. Also, there’s an Open House for students still searching for colleges on April 21st that any juniors (or younger students) should check out as well.

The Campus Entertainment Network is going absolutely crazy planning Spring Weekend. The theme is still ultra-secret, but I can tell you it will be amazing. All the details will be forthcoming.

One of my friends, Adam, who is also the Freshman Class President, organized a fundraiser for Dana-Farber which every club and organization on campus is participating in. It’s a Cake Off- an elaborate cake decorating contest. Participants raise donations for the Jimmy Fund and the cakes are judged by local notables. Everyone on campus is buzzing, since we’ve never done anything like it before.

I’m registering for classes next week, which makes me realize my life as a freshman is soon to be over. I’m living in Stonewall Terrace next year, which is very different from Cedar. As for a roommate, I’m note sure who I’ll be living with. My current roommate is transferring to a school closer to home and we planned on living together next year, so he left me in an odd position. But, I’m sure everything will work out for the best.

What’s happening in your lives? Narrowing down your choices for schools is hard- whether you’re deciding where to go or even where to apply. I’ve been there and can help you through it, if you need me.

Till next time,