Mar 29 2010

Keep those fountains flowing…

Hey guys,

It’s been a while since I’ve written- but there’s been so much going on here. After getting back from Spring Break, I immediately got thrown back into school work. The weather was pretty dreary for a few days, but it got really nice, before turning cold again. Rhode Island weather never lasts long, so you have to enjoy (or put up with it) while you can.

Last week we had March Meltdown, which was just a bunch of fun welcome-back events to put everyone in a good mood. It was a Jersey Shore themed weekend (Bristol Shore.) We had the Spring Sports Pep Rally- Fist Pump Like a Champion, a trip to Dave & Busters in Providence (think of an arcade for adults), a Bongo Ball tournament- (combine American Gladiator, Nerf Guns, paintball, and capture the flag), and Last Hawk Standing- Are You Situation Enough? Which was a stand-up comedy competition for RWU students.

Saturday and Sunday, I spent my day at Accepted Student’s Days- which I love working. It’s so great seeing students who may be coming here in a few months and weird that I was in their shoes a year ago. A big crowd pleaser at these events are our famous chocolate fountains. It’s an effort keeping current students away from Global Heritage Hall on these days.

The Campus Entertainment Network is getting ready for one of their biggest events of the year- Spring Weekend. This year the concert is going to be The Fray. In addition to the concert, we have a block party, trip to a PawSox baseball game, and other fun events. The theme of the weekend is super secret and won’t be revealed to campus until the Monday of that week. Sunday night, CEN-ers spend their evening decorating campus and Roger to represent the theme. I can’t wait to deck out Roger, since this year’s theme really is a lot of fun.

Not as fun, but still important is doing classwork. I have several papers to write. Unfortunately, I didn’t make Student Advocate, but I’m applying to be a Presidential Ambassador- they’re the ones you see at events on campus wearing the Roger Williams blazers. Hopefully, I’ll have better luck with that group.

Got questions? Lemme know and I can hopefully answer them. Hope to hear from you (or see you) soon.


Mar 3 2010

Chocolate fountains and creeping deadlines

Hey Guys,

Hope all is going well. To all those still waiting to hear back- decisions getting mailed March 15, so best of luck!

I can’t believe that it was this time last year that I was visiting RWU for Accepted Students’ Day. If you got in for Early Action, you’re probably coming this Sunday! It’s a great chance for you to hear more about our academic programs from professors, talk to students, attend a financial aid seminar, or tour all the residence halls. (Plus, there will chocolate fountains, so there really is no going wrong.) I’ll be giving campus tours this Sunday, so hopefully I’ll be seeing you and your families!

While ASDs are exciting, it’s difficult to think about with the mountain of work to do before Spring Break. I am putting the finishing touches on my Education portfolio, which has several pieces from my education classes that represent the work I’ve been doing.

Here’s a quick view of what I’ve got left:

  • Core Science study guide
  • Educational Philosophy paper
  • Rhetorical essay for Expository Writing
  • Aesthetics presentation (I’m comparing Ancient Roman baths to modern day nightclubs)
  • Micro-lesson for Psychology of Learning (I’m teaching my class to write a 5 paragraph essay)

Rehearsals for The Male Animal are going well, it should be a really fun show. I also recently applied to be a Student Advocate, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed I get it.

I don’t remember if I told you guys or not- but I’ll be going abroad this summer! Just a brief trip, about 10 days in London and Paris with the History department here- but exciting, nonetheless.

I’ll be spending Spring Break at home, taking time to unwind, relax, and not think about school work what so ever. That will be better than any exotic destination I could travel to at this point.

I’ve got to get back to work…but don’t hesitate to e-mail me with questions or post a comment and I’ll get back to you as best I can! =]