Oct 22 2012


I’m really slacking as the senior blogger…

Every time I want to sit down to update y’all on my life, something stops me. Thesis, a quiz, thesis, an article to write, thesis…you get the idea.

Surprisingly, from a mass of tangentially related, far-flung sources, my thesis has begun to congeal into a kind of cool, readable piece of academic work.

My job as a research assistant for the History Department has seen a jump in excitement from copy maker to hard core researcher. I’m currently working on two research projects with two different professors: one tracks the chronological development of the History Department at RWU while the other examines the revolutionary art of Latin America and its influence on revolutionary art in the Arab Spring. Next semester, I’ll also be working with the Hershoff Maritime Museum in Bristol doing some archival stuff. It’s almost like I’m a historian. Hmm..

It’s difficult to believe that September is gone and October is quickly slipping away. Anyone that knows me knows that fall is absolutely my favorite season. The weather, the leaves, and pumpkin flavored everything make autumn the best. ¬†And the air is charged with potential, with the opportunity for change around every corner. With mid-terms behind me, it’s becoming increasingly difficult not to think about the future.

Grad school apps are coming along. GREs are officially scheduled for November 6th. Remember how in high school, teachers were like, “Math is important. You’re going to need it,” and then you kind of scoffed and rolled your eyes. Well, if you plan on taking the GREs, you should listen to them. As someone who despises math with 60% of my being, I am not looking forward to that ordeal.

This week I did something scary. I planned my Spring 2013 schedule in the usual fashion (color-coded Excel spreadsheet) and I realized that I was planning my last semester at Roger Williams. Ever. Like…never again would I plan on taking a class here.

Cue quarter-life crisis.

Excuse me while I dry heave and cry in a corner,