Jan 3 2013


In’s and Out’s for 2013

IN: Saying “yes.”¬†YOSYO- you only senior year once. Too tired, too poor, etc. isn’t an excuse for not having fun when days are numbered.

OUT: Saying “yes.” I have a horrible tendency to over-commit myself. Maybe I’ll let someone else take on some of my burden.

IN: De-cluttering, reorganizing, refocusing my life.

OUT: Buying things I don’t want, need, or like.

IN: Getting serious about grad school.

OUT: Procrastinating. I’ve let too many opportunities slip away because of laziness.

Things I’m looking forward to about Winter Break: Reading for leisure, Downton Abbey back on PBS, and my birthday.

Things I’m not looking forward to: thinking about thesis and getting horribly, horribly bored (I’m there already).