Nov 30 2012


Hey all-

My prolonged absence can probably be explained by my celebration of thesis being done (I present tomorrow!) and realization of all the rest of the work I need to do. I also have to do ANOTHER thesis for my second major, so to quote Jay-Z, “On to the next one.”

I had a weird moment where I realized that I was registering for classes at RWU for the last time. Ever. Since I had a brief existential crisis as a result, I thought, why not take Existentialism? Additionally, I’m taking History of Religion, Crime and Dissent in Early New England, and Leadership in American Politics. I’m doing an independent study for my Political Science thesis, so I’m still figuring out what I’ll be researching ad nauseam until April.

I took the GREs. Don’t do it, ever. It is one of the most soul crushing, life-force sucking four hours you will ever be subject to. Or just study more than I did.

It’s been a whirlwind semester as Academic Affairs chair of Student Senate- from planning Grad School Month, to running Professor of the Semester, to investigating a faculty member. But, I am Academic Affairs chair no longer. I’ve been promoted due to a vacancy left by our former Student Body Vice President, Kevin, who is graduating early. He leaves behind very large shoes to fill, but I have high hopes that I can do the job.

Senate’s last big event for the semester is Winter Illumination on Wednesday, December 5th from 4.30-5.30. Come and get free cider, hot chocolate, gingerbread people and for the chance to win some cool prizes.

I feel as though it was only just September and I was buying textbooks for my classes and now it’s time to sell them back, having (hopefully) skimmed read all of them. Crazy town.

I’ll check in again before finals, because there is nothing I love more than procrastinating by doing other semi-productive work. Some things never change.